The 150th Anniversary memorial service for Pat Hennessy

by AAH Shelley Muzny

On July 4th at 8:00 am, 150 years after his death, a memorial service was held for Irish immigrant and Union Soldier Pat Hennessy, who was one of the last victims of an Indian uprising in the United States. The service was conducted by Deacon Jeff Kelly of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, who led the congregation in honoring the life and legacy of Pat Hennessy. In a tribute, Scotty Hajek recounted the rich history of Pat Hennessy, highlighting his baptism in the Catholic Church and the fact that he never received a proper burial. 

Hennessy’s tragic end in a Native American ambush while he was traveling with his companions to deliver supplies in 1874. Hennessy and his comrades were killed and scalped, with Hennessy possibly burnt alive. The brave Irishman was eventually buried and honored with a rustic monument that evolved over the years into a more elaborate grave site in Pat Hennessy Park on Arapaho in Hennessey. Despite the mystery surrounding his death and the controversy over his killers, Hennessy’s memory lives on as a symbol of courage and endurance.