The annual Lions Club cardboard and duct tape boat race only had one entry up to the deadline but 2 additional boats were built by the lifeguards at the last minute. After some quick work with duct tape and an Amazon box the 4 girls and their boat “Sparklers” had some not-so-serious competition. The 4 girls, Morgan Lester, Joy Matousek, Hannah Weaver, and Quinn Ward took home the first-place award for completing the event without sinking. They also won the best-looking boat award. 

Team Lifeguards, Blaney Sturgill, Garret Vinson, Kevin Trillo, Jayden Atkins didn’t fare so well and their boat, The “SS Trump” never left the dock before sinking. But that got them the “Titanic Award” and a lot of laughs. 

The Lions Club ping-pong ball event sent about 400 balls down the big slide in 3 heats. After all of the races, the final winner was Sonya McGee with the winning ball #11. Photos by AAH Jack Quirk.