Oreo Madness

Words we love on these hot days: NO BAKE DESSERT! Especially when that dessert is only 4 ingredients and one of those ingredients is Oreos! 

Fourth of July is this week meaning it’s time for BBQs,  fireworks and patriotism! Time to celebrate all the things that make America… well America. And, what’  more American than diabetes? (Jokes!)

Oreo Madness


1 package of Oreos

1 jar of hot chocolate

1.5-2qt vanilla ice cream

1 big container of cool whip

Mash up Oreos. Set some aside to sprinkle on top. Put the rest in bottom of 9×13 dish. Add layers one by one. Sprinkling Oreo crumbles on top to finish. {Pro-tip: (and by pro we mean our cousin @carissamillerdesign_co who introduced us to this deliciousness) Freeze layers between. This will make a prettier presentation.  *Also, she uses two packages of Oreos to make it extra yummy} 

Remove from freezer to soften a little before serving.

Sorry not sorry. We have no funny stories or wisdom to drop on ya this week. We both have new babies which means we’re short on sleep. Autumn had her baby, Lenox, on May 8th. Summer got a new fur baby, Doug, just 2 weeks ago. We know we did this to ourselves but maybe say some extra prayers for us. Haha. 

Happy Fourth of July! 

Enjoy your family time…and your cool desserts!

Let us know when you try this dessert! Try it, love it then get creative with different ingredient combos like golden Oreos and caramel with cookie dough ice cream or whatever masterpiece you come up with! 

Don’t forget to drink your water and call your mom. 

You can thank us later. 

Stay safe, fam 

Love, okseasonedsisters