With the storm sirens blaring, Hennessey residents took cover as a confirmed tornado passed along the north edge of Hennessey on Monday, May 6th

At about 6:40 pm, a multi-vortex tornado was spotted approaching Lacy by one of the three Hennessey Fire crews who were out watching the storms approach. Hennessey Emergency Management was based in the new Hennessey Fire Station Command Center, assisted by Hennessey Police and Fire. All About Hennessey was also based at the command center and reported live as the storms developed. 

The tornado was first spotted near Okeene, heading straight east along Hwy 51. As it passed through Lacy, it damaged several outbuildings at Tyrel Cline’s farm and then toppled several power poles west of Hwy 132. A Kingfisher County Sheriff’s car struck a low-hanging powerline, ripping the lights from the roof, and shortly after, a semi-truck struck the same line. No injuries were reported. Hwy 51, west of 132, was closed for several hours while crews repaired the down poles overnight. 

As the storms moved east, they crossed to the north side of Hwy 51 and took out about a mile of high-tension power poles on Cemetery Rd between 600 and 590 rds. They then proceeded east and struck and destroyed a barn at the Hladik home at the intersection of Hwy 81 and 590 Rd.

The new Hennessey tornado sirens got a good workout for the first time as they were sounded for about 30 minutes as the storms approached and passed to the east of town. 

The Hennessey Main St. storm shelter was full as residents hunkered down to wait out the storm. The school reported that about 150 people took shelter at the Eagle Event Center.  Photos by AAH Jack Quirk