The Hennessey Early Childhood Center’s annual Heritage Festival, held on Thursday, May 2nd, was a vibrant celebration of cultures from around the world. As soon as you entered, you were given a passport and map that allowed you to embark on a journey across seven different countries. It included the USA, Ireland, Mexico, El Salvador, Czech Republic, Australia and Germany. Each country had its own unique display, showcasing fascinating facts, traditional crafts, or mouth-watering cuisine. The festival was full of activities for all ages. Children could try their hand at Maypole dancing, get their faces painted, hit the piñatas, and much more! The dance performances themselves were a sight to behold, with multiple groups showcasing different styles of dance, from folklore to Jazz, and even a couple of singers too. The Heritage Festival is sponsored by the ECC and is a wonderful opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate diversity in all its forms.

Photos by AAH Ivan Cabral