Miller started Daybreaker Farms in January 2023, not sure if he even had a green thumb until he tried growing a specialty crop. Once he conquered that, he wanted to try his thumb at another type of plant, but not just any plant. Greg likes to make sure to do his research before jumping into something head first, after quickly realizing the pros of growing his plant of choice he was ready to start growing Lavender! However, he was having a few growing pains with his lavender as he is learning more about what it likes and doesn’t like.

But why lavender you may wonder? It has numerous benefits for your health and well-being. Daybreaker Farms’ homemade products such as salves, body creams, bath salts, and essential oils to name a few are made with lavender. They hand-make all of their products. Miller says, “We produce all of our products in small batches to ensure the freshest ingredients, our goal is to make the highest quality, products for our customers.” Miller also mentions that when you use their products you are getting the most natural ingredients with no unnecessary additives. Daybreaker Farms also uses vanilla beans in many of its products, leaving no room for imitations. For those who may not be a big fan of vanilla or lavender, he also uses other scents giving something for everyone to enjoy.

When Greg was just getting started he used his family and church peers as his testers. That helped with weeding out what was good and the not-so-good, Greg is very sentimental about his family and passionate about the products that he makes. When you combine the two it only makes sense to name products after his loved ones. Rutha’s Body Cream & Aunt B’s Salve are the very first 2 products that they made. Daybreaker Farms wants you to enjoy the multiple benefits of using their products whether it’s a need for calming and relaxing, or maybe you want some help to reduce some anxiety, then again maybe you just purely want natural scents in your home or car.

Not only can you find a full list of their products and scents online but you can order directly from They can provide shipping to anywhere in the continental US. Additionally, Daybreaker Farms is available to meet for a pickup at a convenient location in Kingfisher and Hennessey. Give them a visit to their website or Contact Greg at 405-479-6670 for more information.