Hennessey Fire Department Cuts Ribbon on  New Station with County Support

The Hennessey Fire Department celebrated the culmination of years of hard work and dedication as they unveiled their newly remodeled and expanded fire station. The project, funded entirely by County Sales tax funds saved up over 13  years, marks a significant milestone in the department’s history. This 1.9 million dollar investment not only modernized the existing infrastructure but also strengthened the department’s capacity to serve the community effectively in times of need.

The significance of the project extends beyond bricks and mortar. The addition of new amenities such as men’s and women’s bathrooms, a DECOM bathroom, and a helipad and eventually a ladder truck, not only improves operational efficiency but also contributes to lowering the town’s Insurance Services Office score, thus potentially reducing fire insurance rates for Hennessey homeowners.

The final touches were put in place with Royal Signs installing the marquee sign on April 5th, with a collaborative effort involving Farmers Electric. The newly revamped station was unveiled to the public during an open house and dinner event on April 6th, where the public had the opportunity to tour the facilities and witness the fruition of this collective effort.

At this April 9th ribbon cutting, present were many local dignitaries including county Commissioners, construction Superintendent Bobby Stanley, and a host of town officials, community members, and firefighters led by Chief Brandon Scott. The ribbon cutting ceremony symbolized not only the completion of a physical structure but also the enduring spirit of community support and collaboration that made the project a reality.

Fire Chief Scott expressed his deep gratitude to the City of Hennessey, the Commissioners, and all attendees for their support. In his heartfelt thanks, he emphasized the importance of the new fire station and how it signifies a step forward for the department. Bert Gritz, another key figure in the team of planners and former Fire Chief, highlighted that the new kitchen isn’t merely for cooking for the firemen but will also serve crucial roles in disaster relief efforts by providing meals to those in need during emergencies. Brandon Scott, with optimism in his voice, shared his enthusiasm for the upcoming classes scheduled to take place in the new space, acknowledging it as a true blessing for the team. 

In essence, the Hennessey Fire Department’s new station stands as a testament to the power of collective action and prudent financial planning. With unwavering support from the county and the dedication of all those involved, the department is now better equipped to fulfill its mission of ensuring the safety and well-being of the Hennessey community for years to come.