Special meeting to discuss board of trustee meeting date change

To accommodate the attendance of the Town Attorney at board of trustee meetings, a special session was held on Wednesday, March 27, 2024 to consider rescheduling upcoming Regular Town Board of Trustees meetings. During the meeting, concerns were raised about the necessity of the attorney’s presence at every meeting, with Mayor Clif Vogt explaining that legal advice and guidance from the attorney were crucial for ensuring the legality of decisions and motions made during the meetings.

Trustee Bert Gritz pointed out that previous town attorneys had attended all meetings for similar reasons. The trustees (excluding Randy Bohnstedt, who was absent) discussed potential alternative meeting dates that would align with the availability of the newly appointed town attorney, Jared Harrison. After considering various options, it was agreed that the second Tuesday of each month would be suitable, although this might conflict with the schedule of Clerk Kelley Vaverka, who works as a shift manager at Love’s Country Store.

Kelley expressed her willingness to discuss scheduling adjustments with her employer to accommodate the meeting dates. Despite initial concerns about potential conflicts with her work commitments, it was decided that Kelley would approach her employer to seek flexibility in her schedule. Trustee Bert Gritz emphasized the importance of setting meeting dates based on the town’s needs rather than external factors.

To allow Kelley to address the scheduling concerns with her employer, a decision was made to recess the meeting and reconvene for a special session on Tuesday, April 2, at 11:45 am to finalize the future meeting dates. The Town Trustees met again on April 2, and clerk Kelley Vaverka informed the group that her employer would accommodate her schedule. A decision was made to schedule meetings for the 2nd Tuesday of each month.