Soup Weather

Soup Weather

We are in the middle of soup weather. Or Crockpot weather. Or both?! 

Well, the base of many soups is broth. And the best broth is homemade..of course! Good thing it is so easy to do! If you have an instant pot, then it is even easier. Instant pots are not required though, you can make broth the good old fashioned way on the stove top..just make sure that you keep the water level above the bones in the pot. 

The beginning of a good broth is bones. After you debone that rotisserie chicken from the grocery those bones. Or bring home your bones from when you eat out, it’s okay to be weird! Your soup will thank you when your broth is delicious and nutritious, haha. Or cook your own chicken at home to use the shredded meat in so many recipes, throw those bones back in the instant pot and you are well on your way to homemade bone broth. 

Homemade Bone Broth

-reserved bones

-water to cover the bones

-1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

-favorite seasonings (such as Italian seasonings)

-salt (homemade broth is way less salty than store bought)

-veggies, as desired (this is where you can throw in the peelings from carrots, tops of celery, etc)

Cook this broth on high pressure soup function for 3-4 hours, allow to slow release. 

Strain the broth out and store in clean glass jars. You may pressure seal these jars if you so desire, but I have found that they will last for a month in the refrigerator, even without officially “canning” them. 

Use your homemade broth in all your favorite recipes for a more flavorful and way more nutrient dense base. Just remember that you will need to add salt to your recipes to account for the fact that the homemade broth is not nearly as salty as store bought and most recipes are based on the assumption that you are using the store bought variety. 

The apple cider vinegar that you are adding helps to draw out the collagen from inside the bones. It is so good for you! Play around with this base recipe and see what you like. Broth has long since been hailed as a healing food and is often reached for when people are sick. Take that to the next level and give your family the very best with this nutrient rich, delicious homemade broth. 

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