The Hennessey Board of Trustees met for the first regular meeting of the New Year and accepted a REAP grant for $160,000 to replace, and increase the size of the water line in front of the school along Mitchell Rd. This is just the beginning of the process as well as the cost.  Town administrator, Tiffany Tillman told the board that it is going to take another $200,000 to complete this. This waterline has become a problem for the school because they want to cover the ditch along N. Mitchell Road in front of the school which would make it safer and allow for additional parking.  The school sent out bids for the job only to find out the town’s waterline is in the way and had to be moved. 


Over the past few years, the town has installed new water meters that have a transmitter on them that makes reading them easier along with additional features that can track water usage by the hour. The board learned during the meeting that these are being damaged or vandalized and cost quite a bit to repair them. They voted to create an ordinance that will charge the homeowner if one is damaged. 


Richard Simunek has been trying to donate the 11 vacant lots he owns located at 115 W 2nd St. for several years. For various reasons, it kept getting pushed back until this week when the town board accepted the donation and signed the deed. Richard’s goal all along has been to donate the land that could be used as a park or event space for the community. Richard asked that the area be referred to as Emil E. and Wilma Janky Simunek Park. This land adjoins the area already owned by the town where the new town pavilion is being constructed making this new event space almost a full city block in size.