Unfortunately, the forecasters got it right predicting the arctic blast that rolled into Hennessey on last Friday dropping temperatures 50 degrees in about 12 hours. According to the National Weather Service in Norman Thursday afternoon high temperatures were 63. We woke up Friday morning to 14 degrees and it kept falling when Tuesday morning reached 0 degrees. The Hennessey Care Center had a pipe break on Sunday afternoon triggering the fire alarm.  The staff was able to clean up the leak and the Hennessey Fire Department was called off. 


Sunday afternoon brought moderate snow totaling 1 to 2 inches depending on where you were. Sunday services were canceled at several churches and restaurants in the Hennessey area. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported several minor accidents in and around Kingfisher County during Sunday afternoon and evening due to snow-covered roads. 

The Town of Hennessey did not report any water leaks but they usually start showing up as things thaw out. The long-term outlook says we will stay below freezing until Wednesday with highs in the 40s, then trend back below freezing for the next few days with a chance of rain starting next Monday. Photos by AAH Jack Quirk.