For over 40 years Jack Quirk founder of KJ FilmWorks and The All About News Network has worked with camera systems and components of all kinds.  All of this experience puts Jack in demand for companies developing new products in the video and broadcast industries. 

Last week Hennessey was the host for 2 representatives from OBSBOT, a Chinese-based high-tech camera manufacturer. JuJu Hu, Product Manager, and Kevin Liu, North American Sales Manager spent 4 days in Hennessey working with Quirk on developing and fine-tuning the new camera system.  Jack said, “Juju and Kevin stayed in the Hennessey Hotel and I tried to get them into most of our restaurants to check out what we had to offer. It was fun seeing our small town through their eyes.”

On Monday they spent the day touring most of the churches in Hennessey to get a feel for the needs of a small-town church.  The new camera is called the OBSBOT Tail Air and is designed specifically for churches and small companies to use for live streaming and conferencing. 

Quirk met the OBSBOT team while at the National Association of Broadcasters show last April in Las Vegas.  Quirk said, “This Company caught my eye because of the innovative approach to this market segment.” These cameras are robotic, and wireless and use artificial intelligence to track people without a camera operator. 

The new camera will be available next month and will allow small businesses, churches, and groups to take advantage of this high-tech equipment that would have cost 10 times this much just a few years ago. 

Quirk said, “Over the past 30 years I have consulted with tech companies all over the world, but this is the first time one of them came to Hennessey, Oklahoma!