Save the Boooobies! 

October is breast cancer awareness month. We aren’t even going to pretend that we will be able to keep up with all of the “awarenesses” each month or each celebrated holiday..but this year our mom celebrates 5 years out from her own breast cancer diagnosis. We want to honor her by spreading awareness! 

Breast cancer screening is multi-layered. At your GYN appointment (we used to call them “yearly appointments” but this is no longer true for some people’s intervals/insurance) your doctor will do a manual exam. This is very important as a first line in screening. You really 

should also do your own self exams monthly (and let’s be honest-your partner might be better at this than you! *winky face*). Baseline mammogram screening starts at the age of 40, or 10 years younger than your first degree relative was at the age of diagnosis for genetic types of breast cancer. For example, if your mother was diagnosed with a genetic form of breast cancer at the age of 42, then you should start mammogram screenings at the age of 32. If no risk factors are present, then begin screening at the age of 40, but be sure to keep up with the “handsy exams”. 

Our mother wants us to be sure and mention how important 3D mammography was for her super early detection! She highly recommends always requesting 3D mammograms! Summer would like to throw in that she had her first mammogram this year and it truly was not as bad as she thought it would be. 

Go forth, be brave, get your boobs squeezed! 

No tricks for your tatas! 

Treat yo’self to peace of mind.. Get that mammogram! 

(and also frequent partner exams..they are free ya know!) 

Happy Halloween from the OKSeasonedSisters