Raquel Medrano along with 3 students and 3 parents spoke to the Board of Education at last week’s meeting requesting school bus service from East 7th St at S. Cimarron St. Hennessey Middle School Principal Ricardo Tarango translated from Spanish to English for the board.

She was requesting the school board to provide school bus service for students who live on East 7th Street. 

Medrano said, “We had it several years ago then it stopped.”  This bus route would allow 15 students to ride. “All the parents work,” she said asking the board to consider adding transportation this year. 

Medrano was listed on the agenda to speak to the board about the transportation but the board couldn’t take action that night because it wasn’t on the agenda for action. 

State law says Schools are only required to provide transportation for students who live 1.5 miles, or more, from school. The school does offer bus transportation for some students that live on the west side of town because of the busy Hwy 81, Main St.