Many of you may know Reverend Ish Engle as the local pastor of the First Christian church in Hennessey, or by his magic tricks performed at local events, what you may not know is that he is a talented artist. 

Ish started sketching and drawing around 2014, drawing animals, still life, landscapes, and people. He tried his hand at working in acrylics and practicing technique, color, shading, and tones, but most recently was inspired by British artists Toby Hasler and Will Kemp, and American artist Karen Campbell. Ish took to the style of Toby and his Urban sketching. Urban sketching is best described as a quick sketch done in ink on paper, then bringing in watercolor and going back with details in ink.  

Working with his travel watercolor set, Rev. Ish finds it meditative and relaxing to lose himself while painting. He has painted many local landmarks; such as downtown Hennessey, Honey & Co, the Methodist, Catholic, and First Christian churches, still life, scripture cards, and whatever catches his eye. Growing up watching Bob Ross and those happy mistakes, Rev. Ish says sometimes it is the unexpected happy mistakes that turn out to be the most interesting in his art.

Ish plans to teach some classes at The Hive at later date to be determined.