The sisters will be featured in their own column every 2 weeks. 

What is OK Season Sisters?

Well, it’s actually OKSeasonedSisters. Because we are Summer and Autumn. Seasons, haha. But also because we decided to try to create community by sharing the seasons of our lives to connect with others and remind everyone that it is okay to be your true selves. Biblically speaking, we are the “salt of the Earth” but we are also sometimes “spicy” sooo that fits in the “seasoned” part of our name too! Autumn is a bit of an overthinker so the name we chose has multiple meanings. 

Why did you decide to do this? 

Back in 2020, I (Summer) was deep into raising chickens for eggs and starting in on sourdough, and learning new skills like “homesteading”. I shared a bit on my personal FB and Instagram and had a lot of questions and asked for more info and recipes. So Autumn mentioned me starting a blog and Summer was all “No way, I could never do that!” So Autumn said, “Sure you can, I’ll help! We can do it together”. So here we are!  Also, Autumn had just adopted Silas (her first son) and was thrust into motherhood and newborn-hood and was craving adult interaction it was 2020 and life was just weird. This felt like a good option for connecting with people, so we jumped in!

Why was there a name change?

We started with the name 89ersisters in homage to our Nana and her connection to the Land Run of 1889. But we ended up feeling like that name limited our audience and didn’t go far enough to explain who we are. OKSeasonedSisters is a nod to our home in Oklahoma and our names, and seasons of life…and the hard truth that we’ve been through some life and want to connect with like-minded people. However, we do still have a website www.89ersisters.com 

How long have you been doing this?

We started in November of 2020 and had a bumpy start figuring out how to share, what to share, and when to share, and then had our fair share of thinking who really cares about this!?! We ultimately decided that even if no one cares, we wanted to do this for ourselves. And then we started having fun with it. 

What are your topics going to be?

Food, Family, and Fun basically. Pretty much what makes up life for us. 

Chickens, gardening, baking, recipes, from-scratch cooking, not-from-scratch cooking, crockpot, and instapot meals, family fun, toddler stuff, teenager stuff, books, inspiration, sometimes we talk about women’s health (by default since Summer is an L&D/women’s health nurse and can’t help herself) fertility stuff (due to Autumn’s journey), and more. There is a lot to talk about with us!

Tell me about the She Shack you have been working on.

Oh man…props to Autumn on this one…she has been single-handedly keeping that dream alive. The Barngalow (as we call it) is a dream of ours to give us a place where we can come together to create. Our dream was to have a place to cook, sew, read, and invite people in or to just be alone. It started as a storage shed and has slowly been transformed into a one-room retreat. Complete with a loft, kitchen, sitting space, pantry, and bathroom. We do still hope to be able to host Bible studies or book clubs, dinner parties, or just anything to help build connection/community. But we are not there yet…to be continued. Get excited….but don’t hold your breath! 

Anything we need to know about u 2 guys?

Yes…we are most definitely not professionals! We have no idea what we are doing or what is the best way to do it, we are just doing it. We are guaranteed to say and or do the wrong thing at any given time….so stay tuned!  But seriously, we are trying to provide encouragement and a space to connect and share experiences (and also recipes)

Starting next week The OKSeasonedSisters will host a biweekly column in the All About Hennessey POST Newspaper and our other social platforms.  You can follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Tick-Tok.