New Signage

Signage started popping up all over town last week when Royal Signs installed the 3rd large town entrance sign on north Hwy 81.  When complete, this large entrance sign will be lit, along with the others on south 81 and the one on the west side of town along Hwy 51.  The sign on East 51 will have to wait until the highway construction is complete.  Two other signs appeared last Wednesday night on Main St at Oklahoma Street.  These are directional signs that point to areas of interest around town.  There will be 3 more of these directional signs as soon as ODOT approves the locations.  There will be two at Hwy 51 & 81, and one at the corner of Hwy 51 and Mitchell Rd facing east.   This is all part of a project that started several years ago and is now being overseen by the Discover Hennessey project led by All About Hennessey.