Continue the Legacy

It all started in the basement across the street as McElroy’s Fabric Shop.  Then it was moved to the corner of Oklahoma and Main and became Lois Fabric shop.  From there it became Prairie Quilt as we know it today.  

When it came time for Randa Parrish to retire, Hennessey natives Sheila Duell and her daughter Jenn Whitekiller purchased the business and closed on the sale last week.  Jenn said, “We plan to continue the legacy that was Lois, then Prairie Quilt.”  The name and all of the employees will stay the same.  Sheila said, “In my mind, it has always been a fabric store of some kind and it needed to continue to be a staple for the town.

The plan is to continue to offer all of the things as in the past while still expanding on the fabric and offering some new and different types of classes.  Jenn said, “We cater to a large part of Northwestern Oklahoma but we have customers from all over the country and even Canada who come to this store.  We want to give them something new to look forward to.”  None of the previously scheduled events for 2022 and 2023 have been canceled.   

They will be offering classes for a younger audience as well as classes for mother-daughter and grandma, also offering a more modern take on quilting.  The mother-daughter team will head to market at the end of October and are excited to meet all of the new vendors and to build out the inventory with new and exciting colors and patterns.

The store currently employs 15 women full and part-time.  Some of the employees have been here for almost 20 years.  Jenn said, “I love design so we will definitely be making interior changes to the store as well as the exterior. Long term we are very interested in preserving these buildings knowing the age and history.”

The store’s hours will stay the same, 10 to 5 Monday through Friday and 9 to 4 on Saturday.  Closed on Sunday.

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