Hennessey School Board Meeting May 9, 2022

Last Mondays School Board meeting covered a wide range of topics ranging from resignations, new hires, cleaning up some areas and security.  The board accepted two resignations from Jordan Waltman, third grade, and Melissa Hardison, family and consumer science.

Hired in the place of the resignations were:  teacher Haley Fisher, family and consumer science at the high school and Keith Fletcher, High School Science and head boys cross country, track coach, head junior high boys basketball and assistant high school boys’ basketball coach.

The board accepted a bid $72,425 from Hennessey Metal Buildings of Hennessey to construct a new concession/press box for the softball fields.  Superintendent Jason Sternberger said, “This will include all of the concrete work, sidewalks and an overhang for cooking and shade on the west side.”  

The board discussed what they were going to do with the property the school bought at the corner of Hwy 51 and N. Mitchell Rd where Mary’s Tire shop and another trucking business are now located.  Board member Dr. James Matousek said, “My intentions were not to become a landlord and rent these properties.”  Sternberger said, “I need some guidance as to what we should do with this.  I need to talk with our attorney and get some demo quotes.”  The board talked about trying to clear the property and have it leveled out by the end of this year.  

Security was also discussed regarding in and out access on several of the school buildings.  They were looking into several ways to control the in and out access with the possibility of key cards for all students for the high school.  Todd Cameron, the school IT director said, “The middle school has locked doors but does not have a double door capture area.”  

Board Member Patrick Griffin talked about how to restrict access unpaid to ball games.  Griffin said, “Currently anyone can just walk into a game without paying.  Other teams come to our games and get in for free but we have to pay $10 to get into their games.  I would like to be able to charge them the $10.”