When the new Eagle Event Center was in the planning stages, there were discussions about maximizing the seating to make sure they could host OSSAA playoff games. The plan was to get the arena seating to about 1800 to fit those guidelines.  

After using the building for several years, having that many seats have become a problem.   The problem is that the player benches are too close to the court. The spectators are right up against the back of the player benches. The board voted to remove the first row of seats totaling 40 seats and install moveable stairs on the south end to allow access to the upper seating.   They also approved adding seats with backs to the top row near the second-floor track.

Superintendent Jason Sternberger told the board that during Covid, the crowds were smaller, and the amount of seating was not a problem. However, Todd Cameron said from the audience, “During several of the larger playoff games this year, there was standing room only.”

All these changes will be to the home team side on the east. Nothing will change on the west side.