Close Encounter

On the evening of June 25th, Alicia Johnson and her husband Blake were cruising eastbound on Highway 51 when they encountered an unexpected and unforgettable storm. Alicia was captivated by the night sky lighting up with nature’s fury, so she whipped out her phone and started snapping photos, hoping to capture an epic lightning shot. Unbeknownst to her, the photo she had captured was closer than she could ever imagine. Alicia expressed that she had never experienced weather the way she did that night. She stated, “Here I was, just snapping some photos because the sky looked pretty when lightning struck. This was horrifying. My poor husband didn’t know I had the capability to cry like that. I am fully convinced we drove into a tornado.” Less than 5 minutes later, they found themselves driving directly into their misery. Blake and Alicia had to pull off the highway because the wind was so powerful. After the storm passed and a good adrenaline rush, all was safe. They will forever have a great story to tell with evidence to back it up. Photos by Alicia Johnson