4th of July Events in Hennessey

Hennessey, are you ready for some fun this Fourth of July?

Our first event is the Great Race that morning. Get ready to run like you’re being chased by a firecracker! It’s the perfect excuse to work off those donut calories while laughing and sweating with your best buds. And hey, it’s all for a good cause because 100% of the proceeds will support the Back to School Bash!

Picture it: you and your crew racing around town, completing wacky tasks at each stop, like trying to lick your elbow or doing your best chicken dance in public. Remember, it’s not about winning, It’s about looking ridiculous and having a blast! 

And check this out – a team of 3 can join the fun for just $50. That’s like buying a few snow cones at a carnival but with way more excitement and potential for embarrassing, hilarious moments. All participants will meet at 8 AM at the elementary school playground, which will start at 9 AM sharp. The events will take place around the school, and Mitchell Road will be closed to ensure added safety for all participants. Sign up in advance at the Town Hall by JUNE 27th!!! 

Then head to the Pool and Splash Pad at noon for FREE SWIM.  The pool will close at 5 PM to start the Cardboard and Duct Tape Boat Races. 

If you’ve been skipping the cardboard and duct tape boat races, you’ve been missing out on some seriously sticky situations and wet cardboard catastrophes! Imagine trying to navigate a pool in a vessel made entirely of cardboard and duct tape while trying not to sink – it’s like the ultimate test of engineering and waterproofing skills! Plus, the added challenge of coordinating a team of four to paddle their way to victory is a recipe for COMEDY GOLD. So grab your cardboard paddles and get ready for a day of laughter, creativity, and hopefully not too many soggy surprises! The cost is $20 per team, and you must sign up by June 27th at the Town Hall!  Under 18 must have parental consent. 

Then, following the boat races, there will be a Ping Pong Ball Drop Race. Buy your balls for a chance to win HALF THE POT!  The Ping Pong balls will be sent flying down the pool slide; if your numbered ball is the first to make it over the finishing line, you can win BIG MONEY!! Balls are only $1 each, and you can purchase your balls at both banks, Tim Riddle at CSB or Chasity at Interbank, or head over to the Town Hall with Shelley Burch or any other Lion’s Club member!

Hennessey is set to light up the sky at nightfall with a firework extravaganza! Round up your loved ones for a good ol’ hometown BLAST. You can kick back in the stadium seats on the football field or chill in the comfort of your car nearby or on lawn chairs in front of the practice field. Just a heads up, there’s some construction going on in the area, so park your vehicle in the school parking lots across the street or near the dome. Please do not park on East Oklahoma Road. The Fire Department will use that road in case of emergency. And make sure to say hello to Jack, our live-streaming video guy, who will be beaming all the fun straight to your screen on Facebook Live if you can’t make it in person. Let’s spend the day together, have fun, stay safe, and make some great memories, folks!