This is the time of year for new beginnings

Our mom used to say that fear of failure keeps many from doing great things in life. 

We can see how true that is. Fear of failing can keep you from ever starting. You think, if you can’t do a good job or see this to completion, then why even bother? Well, what if the work of it before the completion at the end is the payoff? What if the feeling of moving forward is what you need to feel successful? If you “fail,” embrace it as an opportunity to grow. Learn from the mistakes and don’t become defined by them. 

This is the time of year for new beginnings. Seniors graduating from high school and college are stepping into the next phase of life. Flowers, green grass, leaves, plants, and gardens…all show us that we each have a beginning. A chance to write our own story. Sometimes, people can feel stuck; not sure where to go or what to do next. What is the “new beginning” for them? Well, perhaps take your cue from the flowers and just bloom where you are planted. Someone near you needs to see your beauty. So bloom. Do not let fear of failure keep you from doing what you were put here to do. Believe in yourselves because you have a whole lot of people who also believe in you. You know what? Those same people that believe in you will also be there for you when you need it. Not if you need it, when. Because we all need help, no one can go this way alone. 

Never forget that there is a God who loves you so much that He sent His Son to die for you. You are so very loved. Even when you don’t feel it. Never, ever forget that. Remember also that this very same God gave you His instruction book for life (The Bible). It can be hard to comprehend, but ask God to open your heart and mind to learn what you need to learn and be ready to grow. Wisdom is knowing what to do with the knowledge that you have, and Godly wisdom is the very best of all. 

Stay vigilant, stay kind, don’t let fear cripple you, and remember how very much you are loved. 

Take a chance. Embrace failure. There’s an unwritten rule that performers abide by to own their mistakes; mess up like they mean it so you can improv(e) and build off it instead of shrinking away from it… 

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2024, especially to our very own Ethan Munroe. We love you. 

Go out and change the world. We’re here for you when you need us!