Happy Spring! Happy Easter!

No matter your preference from our last article (Daylight Savings Time) the days are getting longer and soon the days will be warmer too. In the not too far off future, we’ll be complaining of the Oklahoma heat. lol

But for now, hopefully, you have warm weather and loved ones to celebrate with during this season. Spring. Easter. Baby showers. Graduations. Mother’s Day (seriously, y’all, don’t forget Mother’s Day!). Cookouts. Severe Weather watch parties- Okies know what we mean. Haha! Whatever you have to celebrate; we have an easy, healthy-ish yet oh so yummy fruit dip recipe for you. 

Fruit Dip

1- 32oz tub of Oikos Triple Zero Vanilla Greek Yogurt

1- 8oz cool whip

•Stir/whip together then serve as a dip with your favorite fruit. 

We have deliciously used this fruit dip with apple slices, grapes, bananas, blueberries, & strawberries. But if you have another fruit that is your favorite, then give it a try! We use vanilla flavored greek yogurt but there are other flavors of this yogurt and you may just discover something amazing. 

*You can also stir the fruit in then top with a little brown sugar and pecans to make it more of a fruit salad. This would be a great idea for your next church pot luck. So very Spring-y of you! 

Enjoy the Spring you guys. Because in Oklahoma it only lasts about 3 weeks. Approximately one week longer than our Fall season 😉


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