According to reports from Hennessey Detective Brad Logan, Larry Lovely, the Regional General Manager of Hennessey Sleep Inn Hotel and Suites, contacted him regarding allegations of embezzlement by an employee named Christina Chon. Christina allegedly embezzled approximately 12,948.51 in cash through fraudulent activities in 2023. The embezzlement involved funds from the hotel’s Event Center deposits and the hotel side of the business. Larry had noticed discrepancies in the deposit books, along with complaints about Event Center deposits not being returned, and confronted Christina, who admitted to taking the money to pay for medical expenses and her daughter’s care.

Larry had an audit conducted, which revealed the extent of the embezzlement. Christina admitted to the theft during an interview with Detective Logan, confessing to taking money for bills, rent, and other expenses. Christina explained her process of embezzlement, stating she only took cash payments and not credit card transactions. The investigation included interviews, review of documentation, and video recordings, leading to a detailed case file for further action by law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office.