Daylight Savings Time

What is your stance on this controversial topic? This year, Summer’s kids showed a little more interest in why we change our clocks back and forth, noting that it seemed a little ridiculous that the time would suddenly change. When she tried to explain that the time actually stays the same, we just “observe” the time as a different time…the incredulous stares that she received. Well then, this is ridiculous! Haha, maybe she didn’t explain it well, but have you ever tried to explain it? It really isn’t as easy as “well see now, the time actually stays the same but we change the clocks and say it is different”. Lol. Summer decided to look into it a little further. 

Daylight Savings time has apparently been observed for 115 years (according to Wikipedia, which we all know is extremely accurate ;)). That puts the starting year around 1909. Benjamin Franklin is said to be credited with first suggesting we use Daylight Savings Time. The thought was to adjust the time to “borrow” an hour of daylight from the morning and “use” it in the evening. This was during a time when candles were still used to light houses in the evening, and the hopes were to use less candles…as well as not waste time and daylight in the morning when people were still in bed. Nowadays, small businesses are said to prefer keeping Daylight Savings Time practices since it gives people more daylight hours at the end of the day to shop. 

Medical professionals argue that messing up the natural sleep cycle isn’t good for our bodies. Parents will argue that messing with their children’s sleep cycle also isn’t good for any of our sanity! As a nurse, Summer can attest to working the “fall back” time change and your 12 hour shift magically becomes 13 hours. You look at the clock to see that it’s almost 3 am and BAM…it is 2 am again. Talk about not good for your sanity. She still talks about the “fall back” time change a few years ago that happened to coincide with Halloween AND a full moon. Sheesh! As parents, both Summer and Autumn can attest to the weirdness of time change and babies/children. 

Well, there is a bill stuck in Congress right now wanting to do away with changing the time. No more Spring Forward or Fall Back. Who knows if it will ever make it through Congress to be signed into law…but what are your thoughts? Would you like for Daylight Savings Time to be a thing of the past? Or do you like the changing of the clocks? It’s something to think about. You can engage with us on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok @OKSeasonedSisters.  Or on our website

Let us know what your thoughts are! And drink a little extra coffee this week while adjusting to the time change.