I know that’s a silly name but according to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation that is the proper name for these signs that help visitors find their way around town. The 3 new signs are located at the intersection of Hwy 51 & 81 and Hwy 51 & North Mitchell Rd. They direct visitors to the Schools, Aquatic Center, Rodeo Grounds, Main St, and parks. The Royal Signs crew installed the final signs with the help of Bryan Burch and Town auger.  

These are the final pieces of the sign project which is almost 5 years old. These originally started way back when Curtis Turner proposed the idea to the board. Although the board approved making the signs it got stuck along the way with various delays such as where to install them, meeting ODOT requirements, and other issues that delayed the project. 

About a year and a half ago it became part of the Discover Hennessey rebranding campaign which is a partnership between The Town of Hennessey and Jack Quirk’s All About Hennessey.  

The 2 major delays were working with ODOT to get location approvals. This got further delayed due to the Hwy 51 E resurfacing project and had to wait until they were done. The other challenge was getting electricity to the lighted signs. There were a lot of moving parts that had to come together to complete this project. Royal Signs of Hennessey created all of the signs and has been installing them as permission allowed. 

More branding and signage improvements are in the works and will be unveiled soon as the design concepts are finalized. All this helps to elevate the appearance of our proud little town.