Hennessey Firefighters were dispatched to an out-of-control brush fire at about 12:30 pm on Saturday, February 24th, about 2 miles southwest of Lacy. The fire burned hundreds of acres of brush and pasture land between NS2740 and NS2730 Rd, north of E630 Rd. 

High winds gusting to 20 mph out of the southwest made it difficult to gain control of the massive fire that looked like a wall of flames and smoke at times. 

Only one home was in the direct path of the fire and imminent danger. Pene Cline’s home had the fire come right up to the house before it was put out. Several local farmers helped with discing and Kingfisher County sent 2 graders to cut fire blocks.

Hennessey Firefighters set up a command base about 1-1/2 mile south on NS 2730 Rd on an oil well location. Kingfisher County Emergency Management helped coordinate efforts for support from Kingfisher, Major, and Blane County for Taskforce help. Firefighters assisted Hennessey came from Ames, Loyal, Dover, Okeene, Isabella, Cleo Springs, Waukomis, and Meno. Later that evening additional help arrived when Weatherford and Custer County sent firefighter task forces to the scene. 

Kingfisher County Sherriff helped with traffic control and the American Red Cross arranged for food for the crews. Tony Blackburn, owner of Golden Chick brought out 100 meals for the firefighters along with several others brought out food and supplies for the crews. 

The crews got the fire under control and cleared the scene at about 10:30 pm Saturday night. Hennessey sent 2 trucks out Sunday morning to check on things to be sure there were no hotspots or flair-ups. Photos & Story by AAH Jack Quirk