Over the past few days, Hennessey’s Two Main Street Parks have been updated with new signage.  Royal Signs has worked through the holidays removing the old signage and installing the new signs featuring the new “Hennessey Brand”.  This is part of the ongoing plan to improve the look and brand identity of Hennessey. This is made possible with the partnership between All About Hennessey/KJ FilmWorks and the Town that has created the “Discover Hennessey” program. 

Many more new signs and improvements are in the works and will be making their appearance soon including signs for all of the Hennessey Parks.  In addition to these signs, the Discover Hennessey program has installed 3 of the 4 large welcome to Hennessey signs with the 4th coming soon. Additional wayfinding signs will soon be installed around town that match the ones at the intersection of Main St. and Oklahoma St.  All of the town’s vehicles now have matching logos and all of the Police cars now match. 

The Discover Hennessey QR code signs and cards direct thousands of people per month to the Discover Hennessey web page where they find information on Food, Fun, things to do, and where to stay.  The largest project underway is phase one of the new 50X100 pavilion building that is just about ready to go up. 

These are just a few of the many projects underway to improve Hennessey’s image, help organizers grow their events, and promote our wonderful small community to visitors.