Tony Roldan is a senior at HHS. He is an intern at R&H Auto and Trucks under Colby Robertson & Landon Harak. 

Tony was born in Denver, Colorado. His family moved to Hennessey when he was young and he started kindergarten that same year. He is a saxophone player in the Hennessey “Pride” Band, of which he has been a member for the last four years. He started working at Casa Teja Mexican restaurant last October and is currently still working there. Any free time he has is spent on riding his motorcycle out in the less traveled back roads.

Tony wasn’t sure what career path he would take when he started his internship with R&H Auto, but he was interested in exploring the idea of being a mechanic. Working under the careful eye of Colby he has been changing tires, doing oil changes, and according to him, going home covered in oil most days. At some point, Tony realized this career wasn’t for him, but he isn’t sorry that he chose to intern there because he enjoys it and most of the skills he has learned through the internship are things that he can use in his everyday life.  As an internship student, he knows that it is just as important to learn when a career is not a good fit as it is to find the perfect career for him. 

Tony has started doing some research of his own and is now considering something in the business field or perhaps a programming technician. He is already checking out Francis Tuttle Technology Center for information about their programs in these specific areas. His family is considering a move to the Edmond area after Tony graduates and he likes the idea of his family being close by while he furthers his education.

Lynnze Franklin is a senior at HHS. She is an intern in the high school counseling office under Jill Moery.  Lynnze was born in Oklahoma City and has attended HPS since she started school as a PreK student. She has been a member of the HHS choir for four years. In tenth grade, she was a member of FCCLA (Family Careers and Community Leaders of America) and served as the group’s chaplain. She has a special interest in art and has taken art classes at HHS for four years. The summer after her sophomore year she worked for the school district and the next summer she worked at TJ Maxx in Enid. She is currently working at Pizza Hut here in Hennessey. Her favorite pastime is reading and hanging out with friends. 

Lynnze is interested in becoming a psychologist and is interning with HHS counselor, Jill Moery. She has been interested in psychology since she was in junior high. She recalled watching the TV hit, Criminal Minds, and she began to consider studying psychology.  In the beginning, she was more interested in understanding and studying how a criminal mind works. She is now gravitating toward a desire to anyone in the general population who may be suffering due to an emotional or behavioral issue. She is considering school psychology, but won’t make a final decision until she begins her college coursework. She is very interested in the use of art and drama therapy as a psychologist. It has been proven to be a useful tool in the field.  

Her internship with Mrs. Moery has been eye-opening for her. Now that she has witnessed most of the tasks that come with that position, she has been very surprised at all the different responsibilities that come with the position. It has opened her eyes and she has a greater respect for the position.  Lynnze has applied to USAO (University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma) in Chickasha, Oklahoma and OSU in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Both Tony and Lynnze are part of the Hennessey School Career & Internship Program.  This program, directed by Kim Hallmark matches students with business allowing them to experience real-life day-to-day operations in a career field they have an interest in.