We have many established businesses and restaurants but what if we take that one step further and give Hennessey a mini-mall? That is the very idea Kelly Bullis envisioned when she renovated the building at 409 North Main; some may remember it formerly known as R&D Maintenance. This building has a unique story according to our town historian, Scotty Hajek, as he says this building was originally built to be a mini-mall called the Town Square. Today, Kelly has brought that same intention back and called it the 409 Center. She started the remodel in March of 2022, not without some hiccups along the way but is more than happy with the new updated modern look both on the outside and inside.

The center has a total of 11, 300 square feet of rooms for rent, currently only 5 left are available. Kelly sees these spaces as great for any home-based businesses looking to expand out of the home, boutique, hair or nail salon, or any business looking for an office. What’s great about these individual spaces is that each room has its own door and private bathroom along with the flexibility to make your own schedule. The building has one big waiting area with furniture, a TV, a table, and chairs for all customers. Additionally, a small kitchen area for convenience. Each tenant will also have access to the conference room for any team meetings if necessary. The location is ideal, located on Highway 81 (Main Street) and parking is great for employees and customers with parking in the front and in the back.

Kelly loves the idea of each micro-business owner in the building being able to come together with the opportunity to network, share ideas, and help with the growth of each individual business. She sees this as a great way to help promote one another on social media and in person. 

Kelly has had her real estate license for 13 years and has always had a passion for it. Being a small business owner herself, she wanted to be able to offer brick-and-mortar for any business to have in a great location. She wants her renters to be able to use this space as a unit and can see everyone working close together and building lifelong relationships.

409 Center has a space that can be rented for small parties of all kinds or business meetings for businesses needing a central meeting place. This space will also have access to the mini kitchen and can be rented by the hour or daily.

Currently, tenants are moving in and setting up for an upcoming open house with amazing specials you will not want to miss! All About Hennessey will share the details as they develop. If you are interested in renting a space at 409 Center or would like more information, please call or text Kelly Bullis at 405-368-3443. Be sure to like 409 Center on Facebook.