“For your best back yard, porch, or patio, we are your people.” One of Mark Fuqua’s, Owner of M&D Enterprises & Lawnmower Shops, favorite phrases. What is M&D Enterprises? Surely you have seen one of the numerous ads on great deals for anything back yard, porch, or patio! From lawn and garden tools to portable buildings. Metal Structures such as carports, shops, storm shelters and cool things for your patio or porch such as grills and furniture. They are also the largest mower dealer in Western Oklahoma with 7 different lines. A few products that will soon hit the M&D locations are Bobcat Tractors, Small Loaders, Utility Vehicles and more. They even have a specialty division with a few key products such as DeOilit, a product that breaks oil and grease down into non-contaminant particles.

Mark believes what has been key to the growth and survival of M&D is the parts and service business. This provides easy access to the products and services for local consumers. M&D began back in 2016 with their first store in Canton, Oklahoma. Fast forward 7 years and they now have 5 Fully stocked stores in Weatherford, Canton, Seiling, and 2 in Woodward! Mark hopes to extend to the northeast in the upcoming years.

Mark has always had a passion for providing quality products at reasonable prices to meet the needs of consumers. As Mark says, “Just making fair-priced products available withing the region.” There are several factors that make M&D different from a big box store and even some local dealers. A personal touch, no pressure sales, and local parts and service. Along with pickup and delivery on the mower and equipment side.

For Mark M&D means not only making a living for his family but the families of the many team members they employ. Additionally, the opportunity to be active in supporting the communities they serve by supporting kid’s programs and civic organizations. Lastly, to build stronger communities by providing donations and very desirable products for raffles and auctions for fundraising.

Mark would like to thank his wonderful team of employees who work diligently every day to meet the needs of those they serve. As well as the thousands of customers who place their trust in M&D and have purchased products with them over the last 7 years. Mark states, “As we all know, not all employees are committed to taking care of folks the way they would like to be taken care of. Those employees don’t usually last on the M&D Team. With that said, with all of the product’s M&D sells it takes a very long time for a new team member to get trained. They appreciate the patience of the customers when dealing with trainees. Like it or not, since Covid this world and the people in it have changed both on the consumer and employee side.” Mark feels very good about his team right now. He says, “No one always gets it right, but if you let me know we didn’t get it right, I’ll always try to make it right.”. Visithttps://www.mdenterprisesok.com/ to learn more about their locations and product lines. Below are there current 5 locations. Give them a visit!

3524 Williams Ave, Woodward Oklahoma 73801

510 Main St, Woodward Ok 73801

207 W Main St, Canton Ok 73724

116 N Main St, Seiling Ok 73663

3425 E Main St, Weatherford Ok 73096