There are times in our lives when an idea pops into our brains that never seems to go away. That was the case for Shelby Sawyers. The idea of learning how to operate laser machines quickly became an obsession. After researching and doing his homework, he knew that this adventure would soon be his next chapter. In August of 2022, Shelby’s wife, Amy, surprised him with a gift that quickly turned his dream into a reality, a new laser machine, and just like that the page turned.

Shelby is a perfectionist when it comes to his laser work. If something isn’t printing to his standards, it’s back to the drawing board until it becomes a masterpiece. He is always looking at new and inventive ways to use the 2 machines he has. Sawyers says, “We can engrave almost anything,” and has proven that with the many items he has completed for many of his customers. He specializes in working with tumbler cups of assorted sizes; he has mastered those down to a science. Operating laser machines takes patience, skill, and knowledge to achieve. He works with 2 different types of lasers. One laser is a C02 laser, which allows him to print on leather, acrylics, stone, glass, and much more. The second is his fiber laser, which gives deep engraving on hard metal type surfaces, stainless steel, gold, aluminum, and other assorted metals. He has printed a variety of items from coasters to key chains, nameplates, dog tags, wooden signs, to even pens! If you can dream it up, Shelby can most likely print it up!

At Laser Works of Oklahoma, their goal is to give local business owners and individuals a service that has not been readily available to the northwestern part of the state until now. Shelby saw an opportunity to benefit our small town of Hennessey and the surrounding communities. He wanted to provide convenience and ease to the laser printing and engraving process. He works with his customers each step of the way to help ensure that they will be fully satisfied with the final product.

Check out Laser works of Oklahoma Facebook page. For more information on how you can start your custom order today or to receive a free quote, contact Shelby at 580-278-1293.