Joshua and Alicia Seiger of Hennessey were out enjoying a ride on their Razor 4-wheeler Sunday evening, August 6th when they crossed the bridge over Lyon Creek.  

Joshua explained, “We were on N2940 Rd. north of E600 Rd. (7 East, 2.5 North of Hennessey) when we crossed the bridge, the petroleum smell was strong so we stopped and looked in the creek.”  The Seigers saw an oil sheen on the water and called 911.  Kingfisher County Emergency Manager Steve Loftis was dispatched to the scene as the sun was setting.  Loftis surveyed the area with a flashlight but it was too dark to see the source. 

Monday morning Loftis returned along with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and concluded that there was a pipeline in the area leaking small amounts of oil into the creek. It was determined that a Mustang Fuels pipeline had a small leak on the south side of the creek. Mustang personnel deployed absorbent booms across the creek to catch any fluids from the leak. Silver Services out of Enid, spent Monday afternoon locating, excavating, and making repairs to the pipeline.  DEQ and other officials were on the scene during the repairs.