Four talented softball players from Hennessey joined forces with players from neighboring towns, including Waukomis, Ringwood, Tonkawa, Blackwell, and Enid, to form a team called Omega. This team competed in the 14u C National Championship Series in Branson, MO, where they faced off against 35 teams from across the country. In the end, Omega emerged as the runner-up, an impressive feat considering the tough competition they faced.

Although Omega’s stats on the USA app were not particularly impressive, they proved that heart and determination are far more valuable than numbers. Many opposing coaches considered Omega to be a “dark horse,” but the team’s unwavering spirit and resilience helped them overcome the odds.

It’s worth noting that out of the 35 teams that competed, the final two were both from Oklahoma, and four of the top eight teams were from the state. This is a testament to the talent and dedication of Oklahoma’s young athletes.