The multi-year ODOT highway project to widen and resurface Hwy 51 east of Hennessey is now complete.  What started with moving all of the utilities and fences, moved on to replacing all of the bridges and improving drainage. During construction on the 7-mile stretch traveling west from Hennessey was a challenge at times with long delays and frustrating automated traffic signals. There were several bad automobile accidents during this period including one fatality. 

The construction also created a challenge for 4Ts Family Market in Hennessey.  Tim Taylor, co-owner of 4Ts said, “They cut us off and made it very difficult for our customers to get in.  We had a significant loss in sales during that time.”

Oklahoma Department of Transportation crews painted the lines on the new road Wednesday, May 24th and the construction company started to clean up and move equipment out.  Cummins Construction, the main contractor started to tear down the asphalt plant that has been in Hennessey for the past year and move it out.  

Although this part of Hwy 51 is complete there are still delays on the other end near I-35 where the highway is being rerouted over the railroad tracks near the Orlando/Mulhall intersection.