There are some new faces on Main St. in Hennessey.

An opportunity fell in the lap of two local ladies, Emily Harak and Destinie Robertson. One that neither one was expecting, but an adventure they were both eager and ready for. 

Emily along with husband Landon bought Eagle Auto Supply, back in November 2022. With the recent retirement of Mark Bergenzer, the previous owner of Hennessey Auto, Landon had a vision of combining the two parts stores into one. Landon Harak and Colby Robertson are partners and operate R&H Auto in Hennessey, with their days already busy, it was up to their wives to run the parts store show. 

Emily was cautious in the beginning about taking over the part store as they just purchased Eagle Auto, she says “I didn’t know if I wanted to do this at first, so I was leaving it up to Destinie to decide and here we are.” Destinie had zero hesitation as it was a no-brainer for her and stated “Stay at home mom, to heeey, we are doin’ this!”  And with that Sweetspot Auto Supply was born on April 1st, 2023. They took the idea that Landon had and combined the two parts stores, you will have all your auto part needs in one convenient location. 

The wives are teaming up together bringing smiling faces to all of their customers and hoping to accommodate as best they can.  Sweetspot Auto will also have a familiar face, Curtis Best, who has been with the store for 13 years and will continue to serve the customers the way he has always done. They are asking for patience during this transition as they will be making some price changes. Knocking some prices down and making changes to some of the merchandise. There are a few things that will remain the same, charge accounts are still open. They will still be making hydraulic hoses and let’s not forget about the keys. 

Starting on Monday, May 15th, Sweetspot Auto Supply will have new summer hours Monday- Friday 7:30 AM-5:00 PM, and Saturday 7:30 AM-12:00 PM. The location is 201 S. Main, Hennessey. Give them a call for any questions at 405-853-4369.