A news crew from Scripps National News interviewed Bert Gritz about Hennessey’s storm sirens on April 19th. The story focuses on the importance of storm preparedness and how sirens play a crucial role in it.

In late March, Rolling Fork, Mississippi was struck by a tornado, taking the lives of at least 25 people and leaving several injured. The tragedy is attributed to the faulty operation of the tornado sirens, which failed to sound the warning in time.

However, Hennessey is well-prepared in this regard, as the city regularly tests sirens to ensure they are functioning correctly. Recently, it was discovered that the sirens were not working properly. The sirens were fixed, but a plan was put in place to upgrade the emergency system. The plan includes all-new sirens that can be remotely triggered with the use of an iPad by first responders.  

The news team at Scripps was highlighting the message of preparedness and Hennessey was used as a beacon for how it could be accomplished. Regular siren tests in the town of Hennessey have placed a strong emphasis on ensuring the safety of its citizens, and other cities could benefit from replicating this approach.