Blake Callaham, with Pioneer, spoke at the Hennessey Lions Club meeting today, Thursday, April 27th, and answer questions about the transition from Pioneer Cellular.  Blake spent about 30 minutes describing the process that will start in July and last 90 days to transition from Pioneer Cellular to the carrier of your choice. 


Blake Callaham, General Manager of Pioneer, spoke to the Hennessey Lions Club last Thursday, April 27th about the transition from Pioneer Cellular.  Blake outlined how the cellular side of the company is a partnership with 3 others. Pioneer owns 58%, the other partners include Kanokla Telephone in Oklahoma and Kansas, SCTelcom, Kansas, and Hinton Telephone, in Oklahoma. 

Pioneer customers will be able to port (Move) their phone numbers to the cell carrier of their choice starting in July.

The transition period will start in July and continue for 90 days. During the transition period, Pioneer Cellular will waive all early termination fees when customers switch to Verizon or another carrier. Customers choosing to port before the opening of that transition period will be charged applicable early termination fees.  If you are a corporate customer with several phones contact Pioneer directly for details on the transition. 

Verizon representatives will be at the following 5 Pioneer locations to answer your questions and simplify the transition process.  These will be located in Kingfisher, Canton, Enid, Weatherford, and Woodward.  There will also be mobile locations that have not been established yet. 

Verizon will announce exclusive offers for Pioneer Cellular customers as they approach the opening of the transition period. Most phones should be able to transition to Verizon.  There is a link on the website to see if your phone will work.  Pioneer customers that have a payment plan on a device can make arrangements with Pioneer to move that payment to another Pioneer account and continue to make the payments until it is paid off. 

It is important to note that if you move from Pioneer before the transition period in July you may be charged cancellation fees.  This is because Verizon and Pioneer are working on their contracts that allow Verizon to accept Pioneer phone numbers. 

All of the up-to-date information about the transition is available on the Pioneer website,  You can watch the video recorded at the Hennessey Lions Club meeting at