Hennessey 5th Safest town in Oklahoma 

Recently rated by Safewise, Hennessey was ranked the fifth safest town in Oklahoma. Safewise uses FBI crime statistics data to rank cities in each state and across the country. They also include demographic information and their proprietary State of Safety research study. 

According to these statistics, the top 10 safest cities in Oklahoma for 2023 are listed as 1. Elgin 2. Langston 3. Piedmont 4. Coalgate 

5. Hennessey 6. Cordell 7. Luther 8. Arkoma 9. Granite 10. Hinton. 

With a population of 2,234, Hennessey had a violent crime rate of 0.9 and a property crime rate of 4.9 for 2023. Oklahoma’s crime rates remain above the national average this year among the 41 states that met reporting requirements, having the twelfth-highest violent crime rate and the sixth-highest property crime rate. It was reported incorrectly on z94.com and shared all over facebook that  Hennessey was ranked third safest. To view the actual report, visit safewise.com.