If you have been on Main St. in the last few days you may have noticed the new QR Code signs.  These new interactive signs are designed to allow anyone to quickly see where to EAT, SHOP, ENJOY, or STAY in Hennessey.  The system is designed for visitors but can be used by anyone needing information. Scanning the QR Code with your phone takes you to the Discover Hennessey website page where you can find details on any of the categories.  This includes all of the restaurants, shops, and things to do in Hennessey. There is also an interactive map of where all of these businesses are located. 

In the next few days, these signs will be placed at all of the athletic fields, the Eagle Event Center, and all of the town parks.  All About Hennessey will work with event planners and make businesses aware of when an influx of visitors will be in town so they can plan to be open.  

There is also a small, ticket-like paper version of this QR Code that will be handed out at events to further reinforce that Hennessey welcomes visitors and we are open for business. Discover Hennessey is part of the partnership between All About Hennessey and the Town of Hennessey to create a welcoming environment for visitors to our town.  According to the Department of Commerce, the average visitor will spend $91 per day on food, gas, and miscellaneous items.  This increases to over $200 if they spend the night.  It is estimated that last week’s HHS baseball tournament brought in over 1000 visitors and last year’s car show brought over 2,000 to our town. 

The next time you spot one of the new Discover Hennessey QR Code signs check it out!