Kerr Brothers Get New Roof

Friday’s frigid weather didn’t stop some compassionate people from making a difference in the lives of the Kerr brothers, Alvin and Boyce. Back before Thanksgiving, the need for a new roof on a house built in 1931 was made known to the Dover Christian Mission Team.  The date was set for February 24, 2023, and the planning for the workday began. Forgotten Ministries agreed to work with the Mission Team on this project. 

Together the two groups made the need a reality despite extremely cold weather. The temps may have only been in the 20’s with wind chills in single digits but with caring hearts and giving spirits they got the metal roof in place.

After a lunch provided by more gracious people, the groups had a welcomed surprise visit by Damian Hugaboom, owner of Hennessey Metal Buildings. He may have possibly stopped by to offer some much-needed advice but ended up staying until the project was completed. It was late in the day when the job ended, but before the groups went to their respective homes, they circled under the lights of the tractors to thank God for the blessings obtained by both the givers and the receivers.