Hennessey head football coach/athletic director will be departing during spring break on his way to coach at Locust Grove, Oklahoma.  

Hix told All About Hennessey, “There are a handful of reasons for my departure, some of them are more about what Locust Grove can offer, and some are more about what Hennessey can’t/won’t/ no longer offers.”

Hix joined Hennessey in 2019 and brought the Eagles from 0-10 to 7-4 in his four-year tenure.  

Hix said, “I’m proud of what we accomplished, the program is in good shape from top to bottom. We have built up the junior high program. It was a difficult decision because we had things clicking.”

Most of my family is from that side of the state, so there are some family reasons for the move. We never intended or thought of Hennessey as a temporary stay. 

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