Meet and Greet at Prairie Quilt

Prairie Quilts, new owners Sheila Duell and her daughter, Jenn Whitekiller, had a meet and greet on Saturday, November 12th. Nearly 100 quilters from surrounding areas came for refreshments and even got the inside scoop on what’s new and upcoming for 2023.

As quilters and guests mingled and looked at what’s new from Prairie Quilt, they found a nearly completed quilt made by Bre Mondoux, this being her very first one. That quilt will soon be on display inside the store. Marilyn Coulter, who has watched her mom quilt growing up, says her favorite pattern over the years is the Taos and would like to do that one again. For now she is working on the quilt that will be featured in the Quilt Sampler magazine. This will be  Prairie Quilts’ second time to  featured in the magazine. 

Claudia Montes says, “I didn’t realize the work that went into quilting until I started working here. The customers are so passionate about it that it makes me happy and smile. I love my job because everyone is always in a good mood” 

For more information on classes and to see what’s going on at Prairie Quilt in Hennessey, please visit their website 

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