Punt, Pass & Kick #2

Gage Coulder took the football field during halftime for this week’s Lions Club punt, pass and kick contest! Every home game, you will have the opportunity to be placed in the drawing to win. If you make the field goal, you will win a Hennessy Eagle duffle bag donated by Community State Bank and a $25 gift certificate to a local business presented by InterBank.   All proceeds go to the Hennessey Lions Club.  

Here’s how it works. Starting from the east 30-yard line, you punt the ball, and then from where it lands, you pass the ball. From where the pass lands, you get to try a field goal.  

Sign up at every home game – look for the lions club members selling tickets. It costs $1.00 to enter yourself or someone else! And for $10.00, you can make sure no one enters you!  

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