Power Outage Caused Temporary Closure

Hennessey’s 4Ts Family Market avoided what could have been a disaster in losses Friday.  Tim Taylor, Co-Owner said, “We noticed the power was out at 7 am this morning (Friday) when we arrived to open.  We have temperature alarms that alert us when the freeze temps start to rise.  But when the powerline blew out, it took out the phone line killing the alarm.”  OG&E crews worked all morning to repair a main underground line from the street to transformers behind the building getting service back up quickly.  

Taylor said, “This could have been devastating if it had happened over the holiday weekend. We lost some of the meat in the open cases and some produce and maybe a little ice cream.”  Taylor said, “We upgraded all of our standup refrigerated cases a few years ago and they did a great job of holding the temperatures well.”

The store will be reopened tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 8 am.  Taylor reported that they may be a little light on fresh-cut meat, but will be in good shape with everything else.