So, we all know about barrel racing. A horse and a rider ride around barrels and get timed. But, last Saturday, we got to see a new version of the event with a different kind of horsepower! All sorts of ATVs lined up to try their luck at the 3 barrel course and try to beat the clock.   

This event was originally planned for the Cruisin’ Oklahoma Car Show weekend, but that was postponed. However, there was a lot of interest, so the promoter decided to do it and call it a play day to work out any bugs before the full event.   The race was held in the field north of the Dollar General store on HYW 81 north of Hennessey. Coordinator Tony Blackburn said, “Today’s event was a team effort, Susan and Mark Henry brought their trailer, sound equipment, and timers, and Jimmy Hickey was our announcer.”  

The Cruisin’ Oklahoma event, coordinated by Tony Blackburn of Hennessey, brought several thousand people to Hennessey last year. This year it has become a much larger event with many more things to do and see. The event will now be held Sunday, May 22nd, and will include ATV barrel racing on a bigger scale. 

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