The Hennessey Community Action Team (CAT), Hennessey First Baptist Church Youth Group, and Grade Works Construction all converged on Ikes Acres Saturday to help 2 families in need.   

Cindy Smith and Renee Hyatt are neighbors and both have health issues.   The clean-up crews tackled both properties with chain saws, heavy equipment, and people power.  Jimmy Berkenbile said, “Both of these properties were badly overgrown with brush, tall weeds, and lots of stuff that just needed to be cleaned up.”  David Fuksa with Grade Works Construction sent his heavy equipment and crew for 3 days, moving large trees and loading trucks to haul them off. 

The team installed an aluminum handicap ramp on Renee Hyatt’s home so she was able to get in and out of her home.   The portable ramp was made possible from local donations to the Community Action Team to help those in need.  

Homeowner Cindy Smith said, “This gives me hope and a positive outlook on things.  I can’t thank them enough for all this hard work.”

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