Search and Rescue

Blindfolded, hazardous and hot was the theme for the Hennessey Firefighter’s training last night.  Hennessey trained alongside several firefighters from Dover and Waukomis departments in the old Hennessey daycare building.  Dressed in 80 pounds of full bunker gear with air packs and blindfolded, the mission was to crawl through a structure, and rescue someone incapacitated in a fire.   Working as a team, 2 men in the structure and several outside helping with the hose they had to overcome numerous obstacles.  This included making their way through several doors, climbing through a small opening with obstructions, and traversing an elevated area, all while staying together and dragging a heavy firehose.

When done, they cooked burgers while cooling off and going over their experiences.   This will probably be the last time the old daycare building will be used for training because it has been condemned and will be torn down.