New Name, Reduced Dumping & Increased cost

The Hennessey Citizen Collection Station, formally known as the Transfer Station, or the Dump has become a challenge for the town.  In her address to the board at last week’s meeting, Town Administrator Tiffany Tillman said, “we need to change the name of the Transfer Station.  A transfer station has to be permitted, and a Citizen Collection Station (CCS) doesn’t.  But a CCS is only for residential waste.  No commercial trash.”

Richard Simunek said, “We really don’t have a choice.  If we don’t do this we have the risk of being shut down and fined.”  Tillman said, “DEQ is really starting to patrol.”  Harold Shaw asked, “Why are we going to credit card only?”  Tillman said, “There are no checks and balances with cash.  Not everyone is getting a receipt. Our cash and receipts don’t match.  This is the only way everything can be accounted for.”  Kingfisher has gone this route at their CCS recently.  The Hennessey CCS will now only accept debit, credit cards, or checks only no cash.  

The Hennessey Transfer Station has been a sore spot for the town for a long time.  This is extremely expensive to operate losing a great deal of money each year.  Out-of-town companies have been bringing large truckloads of commercial waste to Hennessey because it is cheaper than anywhere else.   Last year, Hennessey signed a new contract with Waste Management Services, Hennessey trash service provider, to offer a Bulky Trash pickup once a month for anyone that is paying for residential pickup. 

This new plan is to encourage residents to use this free bulk pick-up once a month rather than taking items to the CCS. 

Residential monthly Bulky Trash pickup schedule:

1st Wednesday – customers in town limits west of Main Street

2nd Wednesday – Customers in town limits that are east of Main and North of Oklahoma

3rd Wednesday – Customers in town limits that are east of Main and south of Oklahoma and North of 7th Street

4th Wednesday – All customers that are south of 7th Street whether it be west or east of hwy 81.

You can view the new CCS price rates at the town website:

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